What is Confidential Computing and what are the benefits of this technology?

Decentriq leverages confidential computing technology making it the first analytics platform that encrypts your data throughout its lifecycle. At rest, in transit, and in use, your data is always encrypted. This means that not even Decentriq or the cloud provider can access or see any client data at any point, and this can be proven as the technology enables the independent verification of this fact by every user of the platform.

In addition, confidential computing permits only pre-approved analytics to run in a Data Clean Room, ensuring that you always remain in control of your data at all times throughout the collaboration. Privacy filters enforce that the results leaving the Data Clean Room do not contain sensitive information.

These superior privacy and security guarantees have enabled us to be trusted by the strictest compliance teams (to the degree that our platform has onboarded Swiss banks to run their customer data on the platform), and now provide enterprises with the opportunity to unlock use-cases that were previously not possible, such as consentless activation.

Visit our Trust page to learn more about our guarantees and the underlying privacy enhancing technologies leveraged by Decentriq to provide the most robust privacy-preserving data collaboration platform on the market.