How can I integrate Decentriq with my existing applications, databases and visualization tools?

Users can interact with the Decentriq platform either using an intuitive web-based interface or by using the Python and JavaScript SDKs that expose the platform’s functionality via easy-to-use programming constructs. All of the actions that can be performed in the web UI can also be performed programmatically using the Decentriq SDKs.

The web-based UI provides an intuitive interface for configuring and interacting with the platform. Decentriq natively supports several features such as automatic shareable summary statistics, synthetic data generation, and result previews make it particularly easy to work with structured datasets.

Decentriq currently supports Python and JavaScript (also used by the web-UI) SDKs which enable participants to build automated integrations and custom applications on top of the platform. Both interaction methods allow users to encrypt data on the client side, perform remote attestation, and interact with the platform workflow (configure environment, submit data, trigger execution, and retrieve results).

Users can visualize results directly the web-UI or export them to their visualization software of choice, such as Tableau or Power-BI.

If you wish to understand more about our SDKs request our technical whitepaper

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