Re:defining Trust
the article series

In today's digital economy trust is absolutely crucial. In order to build it, we need to understand how it shapes. That's what we are doing with the new blog series called Re:defining Trust.

We live in a trust-based economy.
Pseudonymised data is not enough to safeguard privacy or regulations such as GDPR.
Differential Privacy approaches privacy in a more quantified way, capturing the essence of the problem.


Is AI-generated Synthetic Data a privacy cure-for-all?
In the second article of our Re:defining trust series we go through the Synthetic Data benefits, shortcomings. There's a way to get the best of both worlds – read more in the article.


A journey into the realm of VM-based Confidential Computing technology, and how we secured the guest's early boot phase.
In this blog, we are exploring the engineering challenges we had to overcome to make it happen.


Can you eat the privacy cake and keep it, too?
We frame this question in the context native to data-driven companies forced to balance between legal requirements and data collaboration advantages.