Deliver high-impact advertising through first-party data collaboration

Optimize your marketing spend and achieve addressability with first-party data

Decentriq helps brands and publishers collaborate on first-party data to extract deep customer insights and high-value audience segments for activation and measurement—all without sharing data. With Decentriq Media Clean Rooms, you can now:

  • Overcome the addressability crisis with richer, more precise first-party audiences
  • Measure the ROI of your campaigns in a cookie-less world
  • Scale out compliant first-party collaborations while gaining even deeper insights
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Increase return on advertising spend through first-party insights

Uncover new customer insights that enable richer targeting and measurement —without third-party cookies and without sharing data.

Assure data privacy, even from partners

Ensure that first-party data is verifiably never accessible to any party, not even to Decentriq, because privacy is built into the platform design—powered by Intel's hardware-based security.

Collaborate—and scale—with confidence

Scale first-party collaborations across multiple publishers or retailers with confidential computing-backed privacy and compliance capabilities.

Accelerate compliance and lower legal hurdles

With Decentriq Media Clean Rooms and confidential computing technology, only insights are shared, never data. Combined with confidential computing-backed privacy protections, they substantially reduce your time-to-compliance and remove many legal hurdles and slowdowns.

Partnering for future-proof data collaboration


Future-proof your marketing strategies with the most secure, interoperable, and scalable first-party data clean room for first-party data collaboration.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure confidential computing helps you draw maximum value from your first-party data while protecting data at rest, in transit, and in use.

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)

Intel SGX trusted execution environments provide the smallest trust boundary of any confidential computing technology available today to help ensure anonymity and security with hardware-based memory encryption.

See Media Clean Rooms in action

Discover how fast you can create and activate high-value first-party audience segments in our Media Clean Rooms. Secure collaboration between brands and publishers takes just a few clicks.

Get ahead in the first-party data future

Prepare for the end of third-party cookies

See what’s changing in a post-3rd-party cookie world, and how  maximizing on first-party data could be a path forward.Is your organization ready?

Expand your reach – keep your compliance

Learn a better way to collaborate on privacy-sensitive data with publishers, retailers or even other brands for better marketing strategies without compromising compliance or security.

Who needs 3rd party cookies anyways?

See 6 new ways brands and media companies can work together in to run effective, efficient campaigns on a first-party basis, from campaign planning to activation to measurement.

Get the details on how you can use first-party data for enriched customer insights, activation and measurement—without compromising security or privacy.

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