Cover page for the Decentriq Media Clean Rooms white paper. An image of a snow-covered mountain and the Decentriq logo appear. The title reads, “Decentriq Media Clean Rooms: Reach high-value audiences and better monetize ad inventory in a first-party-data world”.

Decentriq Media Clean Rooms: Address new audiences with first-party data

Data clean rooms (DCRs) give publishers and brands a data privacy-compliant space to join their first-party data for advertising, making rich targeting possible despite the deprecation of third-party cookies. But many DCRs on the market come with tradeoffs — on data privacy, on control, on audience identification or on usability. Decentriq Media Clean Rooms are designed to help publishers and brands collaborate on their first party data, finding the best audiences for activation. It’s built on the strongest privacy-enhancing technologies available, flexible enough to fit your tech stack, and manageable from a focused, no-code interface. Download the white paper today to learn how it works.

What's inside:
Preparing for a cookieless future with first-party data collaboration

With the addressability crisis putting enormous pressure on publishers and brands, many are turning to first-party data as a solution for advertising in a cookieless world. First-party data gives brands and publishers alike a direct window into user behavior and preferences: Publishers hold the keys to user interests and where to find them in the digital media space, and brands hold the keys to which users convert, what products they buy, and their preferences. But the door to addressability only unlocks with both sets of keys, and increasing data privacy regulations like GDPR are making it near impossible to combine these keys without the express consent of each and every user.

Decentriq Media Clean Rooms is a data clean room designed for privacy-conscious brands, publishers, and retailers. It gives them a secure and private platform to join their first-party datasets for advertising insights and targeting, letting them identify and activate new audiences without compromising on data privacy, flexibility or control. 

Decentriq works in close cooperation with Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing, running trusted execution environments on their infrastructure in Switzerland. Confidential computing technology provides hard proof that user data is never unencrypted and never exposed, not even when computations are running. This makes Decentriq the data clean room of choice for brands and public organizations that handle the world’s most sensitive data, from the Swiss Armed Forces, to pharmaceutical companies to banks and insurances.

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