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Decentriq was founded on the belief that data collaboration shouldn’t be complicated. It should be easy and secure at all times. Across all industries, data is worth trillions of dollars and the more valuable data is, the harder it is to unlock. This is what we aim to change with our data clean rooms. We want to help companies make the best use of their data.

Leading organisations around the world use Decentriq to collaborate on data. Whether it is to share patient data to improve patient care or first-party data for privacy preserving marketing, there are tons of use cases to use data clean rooms in a compliant way.

Decentriq is a Switzerland-based enterprise SaaS platform providing data clean rooms and a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Intel.

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Decentriq is trusted by data-driven companies of all industries

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We are proud to have a global team representing over a dozen nationalities. Meet some of our team members!
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"At Decentriq, I love having the opportunity to talk and learn from different industry experts, addressing their biggest concerns in data and privacy. It's an exciting path of constant growth, while bringing our innovative product to the market."

Ashley Mak | Business Development

"I really like working at Decentriq because it’s purposeful. I enjoy being with a great team and facing new technical challenges everyday to develop an industry changing solution in data security."

Enrico Ghirardi | Software Engineer

"Working at Decentriq is a blast! We solve a super-relevant problem in an exciting space with a laser-sharp, hungry and fun team - and besides, how often do you get the opportunity to change how the world uses data?"

David Sturzenegger | Head of Product

Global locations

Our headquarter is located in Zürich, Switzerland with teams across Europe and the US.

Industry certificates

Independent security and privacy assessments on request.

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What the press says about us

"Decentriq is partnering with Intel Corporation and Microsoft to explore confidential computing by means of TEEs (trusted execution environments).
There is a significant opportunity for IoT equipment providers to integrate TEEs into their products."


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