We power collaboration on the world’s most sensitive data

Across all industries, data is worth trillions of dollars. And the more valuable data is, the harder it is to unlock. Decentriq fundamentally changes how teams can work with first-party and other sensitive data — with a platform so secure, banks and healthcare organizations use it, and products that make collaboration simpler, not harder.

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Building the Switzerland of Data

Decentriq was founded with the aim of making data collaboration not just secure, but simple. When founders Max and Stefan worked together in the telecommunications data space, they experienced first-hand how much data stays locked in silos — and how that data could solve important problems across industries.

Headshot of Decentriq CEO & Co-Founder Maximilian Groth
Maximilian Groth
CEO & Co-Founder
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Headshot of Decentriq CTO & Co-Founder, Stefan Deml
Stefan Deml
CTO & Co-Founder
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Making deep privacy tech accessible

Stefan and Max realized early on that while advancements in privacy and encryption technologies would open the possibility for organizations to use highly-sensitive data for the first time, the key would be building a platform that’s effortless to use, and addresses actionable use cases.

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Solving real-world data collaboration challenges

Since 2019, the co-founders and a growing team across Europe have built Decentriq, the “Switzerland of Data” — a neutral ground where organizations from media, healthcare and other data-driven industries can securely connect and analyze data, without sharing it.

Our privacy-by-design principles

We built our data collaboration platform to be a truly neutral and secure space by enforcing the following three principles with the platform technology itself:

You are always in control of your data and how it can be used.

Data stays inaccessible, to all other parties, even to Decentriq.

Data privacy must be independently verifiable, with tamper-proof evidence.

Learn more about how these principles work in our platform

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What our team says about us

At Decentriq, I love having the opportunity to talk and learn from different industry experts, addressing their biggest concerns in data and privacy. It's an exciting path of constant growth, while bringing our innovative product to the market.

Ashley Mak
Ashley Mak
Business Development

I really like working at Decentriq because it’s purposeful. I enjoy being with a great team and facing new technical challenges everyday to develop an industry changing solution in data security.

Enrico Ghirardi
Enrico Ghirardi
Software Engineer

Working at Decentriq is a blast! We solve a super-relevant problem in an exciting space with a laser-sharp, hungry and fun team — and besides, how often do you get the opportunity to change how the world uses data?

David Sturzenegger
David Sturzenegger
Chief Product Officer

Bringing together an international team spread across Europe is an exciting challenge as an HR manager. I enjoy being surrounded by exceptionally smart people driven to build a meaningful product, and developing a flexible environment where they can do their best work, no matter where they are.

Sabrina Göbig
Sabrina Göbig
Senior HR Manager

I joined Decentriq to work at a company where I could impact how data is used in the industry, but also have real influence within the company. Here, everyone works together to find the right solutions, and everyone gets to help develop the strategy.

Andrew Knox
Andrew Knox
PM, Privacy Tech

Decentriq is a really special place. From the beginning, I was impressed with the mutual respect, focus, and drive that reaches to all corners of the company. I’m grateful to be part of a team that’s all pulling together towards a clear and meaningful goal.

Liz Osterloh
Liz Osterloh
Head of Marketing