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Decentriq is a SaaS platform that provides on-demand data clean rooms based on confidential computing. Easily and securely work on sensitive data assets - encrypted at all times.


What are data clean rooms?

Data clean roomsare secure environments where multiple parties can collaborate on sensitive and restricted data sets.

Decentriq provides clean rooms that work across industry use-cases, and are based on confidential computing technology, which makes trust a guarantee instead of a promise.

Trust is a guarantee with confidential computing
Work with data previously not possible
Frictionless and scalable

Decentriq's data clean rooms are based on an Privacy Enhancing Technology called Confidential Computing.

This guarantees that no party, including Decentriq and the cloud provider, can see the data in the clean room - by design.

Decentriq's trust and privacy guarantees allow you to leverage data previously not possible.

Securely input your data sources while outputting data-owner-approved anonymous results protecting any individual-level confidentiality.

Get started in under 5 minutes without the need for extra IT investment.

Decentriq provides a secure environment equal of on-premise while retaining full scalability of operating on the cloud.

Get started in minutes - anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Step 1 / 4

Log into Decentriq

Step 2 / 4

Create and define your data

Step 3 / 4

Invite stakeholders and upload your data sources

Step 4 / 4

Run the analysis and get results immediately

Secure, flexible and plugs seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

1. Connect

Conveniently connect your existing data analytics tools of choice.

2. Decentriq platform

Decentriq's data clean rooms utilize a hardware-based, encryption-in-use technology confidential computing. This is the key that ensures data stays private at all times, including to Decentriq and the cloud provider, allowing you to work on data previously not possible.

3. Storage

Load data sets from static files, local databases as well as any cloud storage of your choice.  All data  is encrypted end-to-end. No need to establish trust with any involved 3rd parties.

Deep dive into our technology

Use-cases by Industry

There is untapped potential in sensitive data across many industries, in many use cases.

Advertising & Media
Monetize your data, justify your ad spend, or build new or lookalike audiences for improved advertising
Retail Media
Monetize your data, activate custom audiences or develop attribution models.
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Collaborate with other market players to conduct pharma RWE studies or industry benchmarks
Collaborate on fraud detection, conduct industry-wide benchmarking or customer lead conversion
Verify customers' addresses with partners, perform HR analytics or collaborate on cyber defence
Market Research
Conduct industry-wide benchmarking with other market players or insurance risk benchmarking

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