Welcome to the Switzerland of data

Enabling trust with Data Clean Rooms

Collaborate with external partners on your sensitive datasets. They won’t see your data, and neither can we. Proven.

We are the neutral ground for secure data collaboration.

Our SaaS data clean rooms enable companies around the globe to collaborate with other organizations on their most sensitive datasets and create value for their clients. The technologies we apply make it impossible for anyone to see the sensitive data, us included.

Reach high-value audiences in a first-party-data world

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Welcome to the Switzerland of data

Here is how we do it

Decentriq’s data clean rooms are designed to protect the world’s most sensitive data while working together with external parties.


Compliant first-party data collaboration for brands and advertisers


Dynamic and secure access to health data for R&D

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Decentriq’s data clean rooms are designed to protect the world’s most sensitive data while working together with external parties.

A verifiable guarantee, not just a promise

Trust is our founding principle. We understand that creating efficient and scalable data ecosystems is impossible with the friction of static parties in the middle.

You are always in control of your data.

Trust is a verifiable guarantee, not just a promise.

We take security and compliance a step further.

What others say about Decentriq

"Decentriq's privacy preserving analytics provide a valuable tool in defending supply chains without compromising on sensitive data or trade secrets."

- Chris Inglis,
National Cyber Director of the United States
(Biden Administration)

"Decentriq has intuitively applied confidential computing technology in their data clean rooms SaaS platform so that it is easy to use for all enterprises."

- Dr. Ivan Gudymenko
T-Systems MMS

"Decentriq’s confidential analytics platform offers the possibility to work together with other financial partners in a fast and easy way."

- Credit Suisse

"Our partnership with Decentriq provides an innovative example of how businesses can better embed data protection into their application design and build cross-organizational data ecosystems."

- Swisscom

"LynxCare needs to have best-in-class data anonymization techniques, and that is why we are working with Decentriq."

- Lynxcare

Why Decentriq, why now?

Read our resources ranging from customer stories to product deep dives.


Discover how Roche is using Decentriq's data clean rooms to enable new and exciting opportunities on healthcare data collaboration in this webinar featured by Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing.

case study | HEALTHCARE

Read how LynxCare used the Decentriq platform to combine and analyze data across multiple hospitals on public cloud without the raw data ever being accesible to anyone but the hospital.

WHITEPAPER | Platform Deep Dive
Decentriq - A deep dive into our platform

Access our technical whitepaper that deep dives into the Decentriq platform and how we leverage confidential computing to enable verifiably trusted and secure data collaboration.

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