Decentriq partners with Swisscom, Credit Suisse, Mobiliar, PostFinance & the City of Zürich

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November 6, 2020

Decentriq has been selected to participate in Swiss innovation ecosystem Kickstart's 2020 program and will partner with Swisscom, Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Mobiliar, and the City of Zürich on confidential computing solutions.

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Decentriq has been selected to participate in Swiss innovation ecosystem Kickstart's 2020 program!

Kickstart is an ecosystem innovation platform that brings a select group of entrepreneurs together with key players in Switzerland to collaborate on pilot projects and other innovation partnerships.

Through this, decentriq will be partnering with some of the top Swiss global enterprises on confidential computing solutions – including Swisscom, Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Mobiliar, and the City of Zürich.

Statements from our partners below.


Swisscom and decentriq are partnering to build “Confidential Insights”, a web application for running provably anonymous surveys and peer group analyses. The application focuses on use-cases with exceptionally high data confidentiality requirements, such as carrying out market studies on customer data or comparing risk models for banks.

With “Confidential Insights” Swisscom and decentriq provide an innovative showcase example on how future businesses can better embed data protection into their application design and build cross-organizational data ecosystems.

Credit Suisse:

Credit Suisse together with Decentriq will explore the advantages of confidential computing around open banking, Machine Learning models and data ecosystems. Decentriq’s confidential analytics platform offers the possibility to work together with other financial partners in a fast and easy way.

Mobiliar and PostFinance

Mobiliar, PostFinance and decentriq will work towards a prototype of a Swiss Data Ecosystem, leveraging the latest advancements of confidential computing.

Through decentriq’s software platform, the participating companies will be able to compute privacy-preserving aggregated statistics on their joined customer bases, while ensuring at the same time that their customer data is inaccessible at all times (also to each other and decentriq).

This system and potential extensions will enable the participants of the Swiss Data Ecosystem to extract insights which have not been accessible before at such a high level of customer privacy protection and through that to lead innovation in their sectors

City of Zürich

The City of Zürich and Decentriq are exploring specific use cases in order to realize the potential of encrypted data analytics (confidential computing) for the city administration.


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