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Koe Koe Tech partners with Decentriq to fight unsafe content

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Incitement of violence, hate speech, and misinformation plague social media platforms. In many Global South countries, where content moderation heavily relies on local civil society, monitoring is inefficient. Civil society organizations lack standardized definitions for violations, working through screenshots and spreadsheets, hindering insights. Koe Koe Tech, with a successful history in content monitoring and social impact technology, uses Meekin to help their mission. Meekin is a web and cloud-based platform that empowers Global South civil society to monitor, analyze, and mitigate online threats through a standardized process aligned with international human rights law. The platform facilitates civil society coordination and houses a cloud database with millions of flagged posts globally. Meekin is currently used by over 70 organizations in 30+ countries.

However, a data privacy risk emerges with external analysts performing analytics on such sensitive data. Decentriq's partnership assists Koe Koe Tech in providing a provably secure and encrypted data layer embedded in the Meekin platform. A secure hardware-based enclave enables safe scaling in the cloud, allowing analytics access without compromising privacy.

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