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Through the Decentriq Ready program, you can offer brands a simple way to use their first-party data to build and activate audiences with you — and compete with walled garden CRM onboarding solutions.

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More effective campaigns through tailored, first-party lookalike audiences

With AI-powered lookalike audiences comparable to Meta Custom Audience and Google Customer Match, brands can run more effective campaigns on your inventory with first-party data.


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3rd party cookies have underpinned internet advertising for decades. With its deprecation, publishers and brands have to rethink entirely new ways to reach audiences in a privacy-first world. With Decentriq and confidential computing, Goldbach enables a trust layer, allowing brands to onboard their 1st party data without compliance risks.

Jochen Witte
CTO, Goldbach Group AG

Confidential computing and data clean rooms present us with a great chance to exchange information in a legal, efficient and effective way. This allows us to do better media planning and advertising, targeting more accurately – and in the end driving more revenue whilst complying with all data protection regulations

Zhao Wang
Head of Data Technology, Ringier

Decentriq enables a whole new perspective on how we can innovate with data that wasn't possible before.

Alice Dal Fuoco
Head of Innovation, Postfinance

The partnership with Decentriq is an important milestone for us and our customers in a future without third-party cookies in digital marketing. Next to classic media use cases like planning, activation and measurement, we can bring different customers together to collaborate on brand new applications of first-party data — while they retain absolute control over their own datasets.

Sven Wegholz
Executive Director Data Strategy, Publicis Media

We’ve been hugely impressed by Decentriq’s commitment to user privacy whilst continuing to enable brands and advertisers to collaborate with their data. We’re excited to be working with Decentriq in embracing the very toughest privacy standards.

Will Harmer
Chief Product Officer, Utiq

Especially in the European Union, data protection laws require a high level of privacy technology, which is the primary use case for data clean rooms,” says Barcinski. “By combining protected data with partner data in Decentriq data clean rooms, we can deliver more effective advertising while helping ensure the safety of the information.

Marcin Barcinski
Head of Data, Goldbach

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