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Decentriq v3.3 brings smoother enterprise admin and dataset matching tools to the platform

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Written by
Liz Osterloh
Published on
April 5, 2023

Users shouldn't have to choose between utility and privacy when it comes to the security of their datasets. Decentriq DCRs are a missing link solution.

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With the general availability release of Decentriq’s platform version 3.3, we’re introducing a new admin view to better manage users and collaborations, an advanced no-code dataset matching tool, and deeper integration in the Azure ecosystem.

A fully new admin interface gives users a single view for all collaboration management tasks and helps speed up data partner onboarding. Deeper integrations with the Azure ecosystem means existing Azure users can sign up for Decentriq and manage billing within their marketplace. Finally, a new advanced analytics tool gives data scientists a no-code method to join datasets and see statistics on the scope and quality of the match, while datasets themselves stay completely private.

Learn more about the new features in version 3.3 below.

New admin view simplifies data partner onboarding

This platform version introduces a dedicated interface for admins. Organization admins can now invite internal and external users, create new collaborations, and manage users all in one dashboard. Especially for enterprises, this addition makes the process of onboarding new data partners and managing multiple collaborations smoother.

User interface showing admin settings for an organization using Decentriq

Join datasets and view match statistics in a no-code interface

To give data analysts a simpler way to create and understand joint datasets, we created an advanced tool to match data across different sources. Available in a new no-code workflow, the feature generates a joint dataset based on given criteria that’s then available for further analysis. The interface also shows aggregated statistics about the joint dataset — so the analyst can understand the scope and quality of the match while the actual source data remains private.

User interface showing statistics on the match rates between two companies’ datasets

Get a license for Decentriq directly in the Azure Marketplace

Enterprises can now sign up and get a license for Decentriq directly through our listing in the Azure Marketplace. Our deeper integration in the ecosystem means organizations who already use Azure can manage billing smoothly under the Azure roof, while managing platform admin tasks directly in Decentriq.

Starting today, v3.3 is available to all our users. This update is just one step on our ongoing path to make secure data collaboration easier while protecting the world’s most sensitive data.

As always, we welcome your feedback! Get in touch, make a feature request, let us know what you think.


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