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Product Update: Updates to key features of Decentriq's data clean rooms.

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Key visual with screenshot of Decentriq audit log and photo of Head of Product David Sturzenegger
Written by
David Sturzenegger
Published on
August 10, 2021

An update from our product team – David Sturzenegger, Head of Product, Decentriq

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Following our last update in June, we’re proud to share further improvements to key features of Decentriq’s data clean rooms with you.

Decentriq users can look forward to an improved development workflow, increased control and auditability, and an enhanced interface. This makes data clean rooms easier to use for all end-users, industries, and use-cases.

1. Improved development workflow

  • Query development

For more complex analyses, developing the data clean room and especially the queries take time. We aim to make this process as easy as possible. With this latest release, you can now validate your queries for correctness and your analysts can see the resulting schema of each query. Our users confirmed that these features further facilitate the development of their data clean rooms.

  • Long-running queries

When computing over larger datasets, queries can take time. We enabled asynchronous execution such that after triggering a query, you can close the data clean room’s page without losing the results. Once the query is run and computed, you can return to the data clean room to retrieve the results.

2. Increased control and auditability

  • Query constraint

You can now add a constraint to your data clean room that only allows queries to run when all the data has been uploaded. This is part of the privacy-enhancing features that we will be releasing in the near future.

  • Improved audit log

We have added a more expressive human-readable column to the audit log, which can now log more information.

Improved audit log
  • Simplified participant view

We have moved ‘Status’ into the ‘Overview’ tab, making it even simpler to keep track of participants’ roles in the data clean room.

3. Enhanced interface and usability

  • Rich text descriptions

The description field now supports long, rich text for more detailed descriptions of your data clean rooms.

  • Customized branding

You can now personalize your data clean room by branding it with your domain-tied logo, making it easier to identify in the process.

We’re continually improving our data clean rooms to make it even easier for you to unlock new data value that was previously not possible, and we look forward to sharing further updates with you in the near future!

If you’re interested to learn more about our data clean rooms, let us know here and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through.

David Sturzenegger
Head of Product


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