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Product Update: Unlock new data value in Decentriq's redesigned data clean rooms

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Written by
David Sturzenegger
Published on
June 29, 2021

Updates include a more user-friendly interface, expanded analytics functionalities, as well as increased auditability and access control.

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It’s here. We’re proud to share the release of our latest upgrades and features in Decentriq’s data clean room platform with you!

This release is a culmination of close collaboration with our clients and gathering feedback on the meaning of “ease of use” and “provable security” - and how that can be captured in Decentriq’s data clean rooms.

Decentriq users can look forward to three main updates: a more user-friendly interface, expanded analytics functionalities, as well as increased auditability and access control. All these features were developed with the ultimate goal of making data clean rooms easy to use for all end-users, industries, and use-cases.

1. New interface with improved usability

We have revamped the user interface (UI) of our data clean room platform to make it friendlier to non-technical users and enable technical users to do more. Now, you can easily:

  • View and control your data permissions and applied analysis with a revamped and centralized overview
  • Perform deeper analysis with linked queries

Queries can now refer to each other, making debugging, development, and auditing a much smoother process without sacrificing any control.

  • Define tables without code

No longer do you need to be an SQL expert to define the uploaded data. With our user-friendly and intuitive table builder, anyone can define tables without errors.

Table builder

2. Expanded analytics functionalities and improved performance

Now, you can do more with your datasets within our data clean room platform, with the introduction of:

  • Expanded support for more functions in SQL

By enabling most SQL functions, our data clean room is now the most versatile analysis platform based on confidential computing. Having more SQL functions in our data clean room will also reduce the time needed for your analysts to migrate to our platform.

  • Fuzzy matching

One feature that was requested by many of our clients is the ability to match data even when their attributes are not an exact match. With fuzzy matching in our data clean rooms, you can match third party data more seamlessly.

  • Automatic scalability

As deeper analysis requires more data, we have also introduced automatic scalability into our data clean rooms to improve efficiency and performance for your organization.

3. Increased auditability and access control

Our updated data clean room provides you with enhanced data security and privacy, as you now have even greater control over who can access your sensitive data. We have leveraged confidential computing to implement the following:

  • Audit log

With our audit log, you now have a tamper-proof log living inside our confidential computing environment that not even we are able to change. Accessible only to the data clean room’s participants, the audit log ensures that tamper-proof traceability of the data is enforced for everyone.

  • Auditor role

With the new Auditor role, you can audit and ensure compliance in the data clean room.  Instead of contributing or analyzing data, auditors inspect the data clean room and have access to the audit log.

  • Access tokens

Access your data clean room with your own access token, which also serves to hide your room’s parameters from us.

We’re excited for our customers to unlock new data value that was not previously possible. This product update is just a taste of things to come, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future.

If you’re interested to learn more about our redesigned data clean rooms, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through.

David Sturzenegger
Head of Product


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