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Written by
Maximilian Groth
Published on
March 22, 2022

A neutral ground for data collaboration, secure and confidential - Decentriq is an enterprise software company based on future proof century old success factors. Our recent Series A round of USD 15 million fuels our mission.

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Switzerland has built up a reputation as a safe location for individuals and organizations over centuries. Among its success factors are security and privacy, leading to  trust and sustainable prosperity. At Decentriq we rely on this playbook, applying it to the data economy and making it accessible to organizations across the globe as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Sharing, working together and collaborating among humans has led to some of the most impactful inventions. We are better together, especially in a data driven world. For societies, individuals and organizations, there is an ever emerging need to participate in and benefit from digital ecosystems. Here data is the currency.

One key question to answer is how to act and thrive in these emerging environments without losing control of your data, ensuring security and privacy. All without compromising on data utility and scale. Sharing sensitive data among organizations and combining it with public information is becoming a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Today we are providing data clean rooms as neutral grounds to share and analyze data all while complying with industry leading security and privacy requirements. Currently we have users in the public and private sectors such as banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals and publishers. It gives them a competitive edge due to efficient and flexible data collaboration opportunities.

A snippet from the UI of Data Clean rooms 2.0 showing a number of queries to be run in the clean room in SQL and python.

Decentriq offers privacy-first data clean room infrastructure. While for the rest of the industry, data clean rooms are an afterthought add-on to traditional computing infrastructure, the Decentriq SaaS platform is built from the ground-up to support privacy-conscious collaboration on sensitive datasets.

What sets us apart technologically is our unique combination of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET). We combine encryption of data in-use through the latest confidential computing technologies (Intel SGX, AMD SEV-SNP, AWS Nitro) while protecting output data privacy with differential privacy and synthetic data generation.

This allows us to give both input and output privacy guarantees when working with sensitive data in our data clean rooms, as well as unprecedented analysis flexibility with support for off-the-shelf SQL, Python, and R. In contrast to other data clean room providers, even though the Decentriq platform is a managed service on top of a public cloud, it does not require our users to entrust us with their data. Their sensitive information remains end-to-end encrypted during analysis and is inaccessible even for our admins. This is a very strong guarantee, and one of the main reasons that data protection authorities in the EU approved analysis of medical data on our platform.

This unique capability is also unlocking multiple use-cases in industries such as healthcare, advertising, and finance that often encounter difficulties due to compliance and legal overheads.

Large pharmaceuticals use our platform to combine and analyze sensitive patient data coming from different healthcare providers to accelerate drug research. A process that would previously take years to set up and be limited in scope, now takes only weeks and can easily scale to accommodate multiple healthcare providers at the same time.

Large banks use our platform to collaborate on banking customer data to pool together siloed datasets and reduce operational costs as well as creating new use-cases in their wider financial ecosystem. All this, without ever sharing their sensitive internal data with any other party.

Publishers and advertisers use our platform to navigate audience building and attribution in a cookie-less world. They are utilizing their sensitive first party data to build custom lookalike audiences and discover new segments without ever revealing that data.

The common denominator in all our clients’ cases is the realization that data ecosystems extend beyond individual organizations, and that making use of them requires new tooling built from the ground up to ensure data security and data privacy.

We are excited to continue our journey in an even greater capacity with this new investment. We are continually looking for great new additions to the team, including here in Switzerland where we offer employees a great quality of life. If you’re looking to find out more about available positions either here in Switzerland or for remote working roles, you can find more information here.


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