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Lynxcare improves patient outcomes with secure data mining

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Healthcare organizations face a significant challenge in extracting meaningful insights from siloed, structured, and unstructured data sources within hospital information systems. LynxCare, a leading data mining SaaS platform, addresses this challenge by enabling healthcare providers to enhance patient outcomes and facilitate scientific research. However, privacy regulations like GDPR in Europe and state regulations in the United States introduce complexities in data exchange, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to share crucial information.

To overcome these obstacles, LynxCare has partnered with Decentriq to integrate a provably secure and encrypted data layer into its platform. This collaboration ensures that healthcare organizations can leverage granular data in an actionable yet compliant way. By employing a secure, cryptography-based enclave, LynxCare and Decentriq provide a solution that allows healthcare providers to improve outcomes and conduct research without compromising patient privacy. This innovative approach ensures that data anonymization remains effective even as the need for granular information continues to grow, striking a balance between actionable insights and strict privacy compliance.

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