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Data Clean Rooms for Life Sciences and Healthcare - Real World Evidence Demo

Screenshot of hospital and pharmacy data in a Decentriq data clean room

Collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, RWE researchers, and hospitals is quickly becoming a necessity. Especially in the EU, regulations will require the use of real-world evidence for developing and training AI models, analyzing patient journeys, studying rare diseases, and enriching datasets. At the same time, establishing data partnerships and running compliant analytics on real-world healthcare data is a challenge that scales exponentially as telemedicine and digital healthcare records grow.

But building ecosystems for healthcare research, running compliant analytics on real-world data and increasing the quality of patient healthcare through new innovations can be simpler and faster.

Decentriq’s clean rooms for Healthcare solve collaboration and compliance challenges for healthcare organizations, giving them the power to scale research ecosystems and reduce time-to-value in data partnerships.

The key is Confidential Computing, an advanced privacy technology that allows teams to analyze data without giving access to the actual datasets. Confidential Computing keeps data encrypted even in-use, and offers security guarantees that enable data partnerships without lengthy technical or compliance preparations.

See how it works in action — and just how much analytical flexibility Decentriq clean rooms offer — from the perspective of three collaborators with different roles and datasets: hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and pharmacy managers.


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