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Revolutionize patient care and drive advancements in treatment through compliant, secure data collaboration.

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Compliant analysis on patient data that stays confidential

Set research free from data silos while sensitive health data stays inaccessible and protected at all times. Compliance is enforced by market-leading privacy technologies built into our easy-to-use data collaboration platform.

Screenshot of Decentriq user interface highlighting synthetic data and python capabilities, and the availability of pharmacy data

Raw data is encrypted and inaccessible

The clean room encrypts the data at source with a key that only the data custodian can access. Only they can see the raw data — not even Decentriq or the cloud provider.

Screenshot of Decentriq interface showing the upload of encrypted data, highlighting that data the user owns is protected by a key under their control

Explore the dataset with synthetic data

Generate a synthetic dataset based on the original data. This gives analysts the freedom to explore while personally identifiable information stays protected.

Screenshot of the Decentriq interface highlighting anonymized gender and synthetic birth year within synthetic patient dataset

Approve and run analysis

Write Python, R, or SQL scripts and submit them for approval to run on restricted data. The dataset itself remains confidential and encrypted throughout.

Screenshot of the Decentriq platform highlighting a complex code snippet, the two users involved in the analysis, and a button to approve analysis.

Access results

Get access to the results of approved computations. Discover new insights to detect diseases early, inform treatment pathways, and develop new healthcare innovations.

Screenshot of the Decentriq platform highlighting results from the analysis: disease complication rates calculated from joined health datasets

Market-leading data privacy

Protect sensitive data with technology relied on by privacy-sensitive organizations including hospitals, banks, and even the Swiss Army.

Partner twice as fast

Set up collaborations quickly across organisation boundaries, with no infrastructure setup needed and built-in compliance guarantees.

Fits research workflows

Integrates easily with existing research processes, teams and tools. Flexible analysis in R, python and SQL

Decentriq’s unique solution gives us the ability to bring diverse datasets together for research while strictly preserving patient privacy. By facilitating secure analysis, their innovative approach holds the promise of improved patient outcomes and a more collaborative healthcare ecosystem.

Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Müller-Wieland
University Clinic RWTH Aachen

In the healthcare world, ease of use is key — and so is privacy. Decentriq’s unique, intuitive interface and privacy guarantees drastically simplify how we can approach healthcare partners. The straightforward UI makes it easier to explain how collaboration works, which helps build trust and a common understanding of what we can achieve. Decentriq worked hard to make things simple.

Bilal Husein
Data Analyst, Roche

Decentriq’s confidential computing technology brought the necessary flexibility to our yearly benchmarking study and upscaled confidentiality levels to the current requirements of our pharma customers.

Bart Bierinckx
Managing Partner, IM Associates (an IQVIA company)

By partnering with Decentriq, we can offer a transformative solution that addresses the long-standing challenge of collaborating on European RWD. It will open new avenues for privacy-centric health data research collaboration, power insights that advance patient health outcomes, and create ****new efficiencies in the healthcare system.

Jamie Blackport
Head of International, Datavant

Data collaborations between hospitals and external organizations happen frequently in the context of multiple sclerosis research. Data clean rooms make these easier, more secure and even open up new collaborations that were impossible to date.

Dr. Lil Meyer-Arndt
MD, Neuroimmunology

With limited resources, analyses gets backlogged. Using data clean rooms, we can collaborate and help institutions analyze the data, while they can be fully confident that the data is in their full control, and that no one else - neither Decentriq nor Roche - has access to the raw data itself.

Asad Preuss-Dodhy
Data Privacy Technologies and Digital Trust Program Lead, Roche

How secure data collaborations can drive advances in healthcare and treatment

Understand the full patient journey and measure outcomes

Especially for complex diagnoses, patients interact with multiple healthcare providers, pharmacies, and often devices and apps. In Decentriq, these data sources can be combined and analyzed — without revealing sensitive information — to create a full picture of treatment and outcomes. This can, for example, be used to assess the efficacy of new medications or digital interventions for reimbursement.

A venn-diagram graphic representing a collaboration between a pharmacy, payor, and a health app. At the intersection of the collaboration is Decentriq. The output is a table showing rate of adherence to treatment pathways.

Discover and assess novel biomarkers without sharing patient sample data

To discover and develop novel biomarkers — or to validate it for use in a new population — pharmaceutical companies need to be able to test their biomarker models on very large patient datasets. In Decentriq, they can run this analysis on multi-site and multi-modal data without directly accessing patient data. Their proprietary models remain confidential as well.

A venn-diagram graphic representing a collaboration between a pharma company and a hospital. At the intersection of the collaboration is Decentriq. The output is novel biomarkers.

Develop and deploy tools to detect and treat diseases earlier

Diagnostics tools can support healthcare professionals immensely, especially in rare disease detection and assisting decision-making. With Decentriq, life sciences companies can train AI assistants and other complex diagnostic models on disparate patient data while both the data itself, and the model, stay completely confidential. They can also deploy these tools across sites without needing to set up new infrastructure.

A venn-diagram graphic representing a collaboration between a hospital, a pharma company and a health app. Decentriq is at the intersection of the collaboration. The output is a table showing improved risk prediction for different patients.

Frequently asked questions

With Decentriq, data custodians have strict controls over which analyses can be run on their data. Thanks to Decentriq’s application of confidential computing, collaboration participants have access to running computational logs that additionally verify the fact that only approved analyses are happening in the clean room. At no point can the collaboration partner see or directly access the raw data — they only receive the aggregate results of the approved analysis.

For decades, the standard of data collaboration has been that the data custodian would first anonymize the data, then share it with the data analyst. The major drawback is that the utility of data is massively degraded before it reaches the analyst.

With Decentriq, we flip the standard procedure: the analyst requests a specific analysis be run inside the Data Clean Room, on the fully encrypted, actual dataset. The results of this analysis are anonymized before being revealed to the analyst. This approach enables higher quality results without risking data exposure.

Yes, Decentriq provides a workflow that is compliant with GDPR by design. Data can be handled, processed, and analyzed without the possibility of data leaks or unauthorized parties joining the collaboration. Our platform minimizes privacy risks related to the sensitive data, enabling its flexible use. And since the data is encrypted from end-to-end, no sensitive data ever leaves your premises.

To read more about how Decentriq's data clean rooms simplify data protection compliance for enterprises (GDPR), click here.

Nobody has access to your data — not your partners and not Decentriq. No one can access data inside our data clean rooms, ensuring that data remains confidential throughout the collaboration process. Furthermore, our privacy filters guarantee that the results exiting the Data Clean Room are free of any sensitive information.

No, you don’t need to have existing cloud infrastructure. The Decentriq platform runs on the cloud, but for the majority of our clients, we run our platform as a managed service. So you do not have to deal with the cloud setup or have your current infrastructure on the cloud.

Sensitive data stays confidential, and under your control — enforced by technology.

Built with the most advanced encryption and privacy technologies on the market, Decentriq keeps sensitive data completely inaccessible even while enabling deep analysis. Decentriq cannot access your data, only you hold the key.

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