Choosing Decentriq is opting for the Switzerland of data

Trust is our founding principle. We understand that creating efficient and scalable data ecosystems is impossible with the friction of static parties in the middle.

Therefore, we created a verifiable neutral ground for all data collaborations.


Our core principles

You are always in control of your data.

Trust is a verifiable guarantee, not just a promise.

We take security and compliance a step further.

You are always in control of your data

Decentriq is using the latest advancements in encryption and Privacy Enhancing Technologies such as Synthetic Data, Differential Privacy, and Confidential Computing to make sure that you always control what information can be extracted from your data.

In the end, only what you explicitly approve can happen to your data.

Independent audit reports:

Leading National Retail Bank

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SOC2 Type II certified

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Trust is a verifiable guarantee, not just a promise. We combine cutting-edge privacy and encryption technologies to provide verifiable guarantees.

Decentriq and the cloud provider cannot access or see any client data at any point

Data owners have complete control over their data privacy at all times

Individual users can reproduce and audit our live platform

Our data policies are not optional, they are enforced by design.

We cannot share, use, or see your data.

Our encryption technology cryptographically ensures that no one is able to see your data at any point, including Decentriq and any infrastructure provider.

When you leave Decentriq, you take your data with you.

Decentriq cannot see your data at any point. Even when you stop using our services, your data remains encrypted from everyone else. Independent audits ensure that we delete even encrypted data at regular intervals.

We take security and compliance a step further

End-to-end encryption for your data.

Decentriq is the first analytics platform that encrypts your data throughout its lifecycle. At rest, in transit, and in use. Your data is encrypted even to Decentriq and the cloud provider.

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Encryption at rest

For data at rest, all data written to the Decentriq platform storage is encrypted using XSalsa20 stream cipher for confidentiality and Poly1305 for message authentication (256-bit security)

Encryption in transit

For data movement between any Decentriq server and any user device, Decentriq enables your use of industry-standard encrypted transport protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).

Encryption in use

Decentriq uses Confidential Computing to encrypt your data even while it is computed. You can read more about Confidential Computing here.