Decentriq-Roche collaboration on Microsoft’s Inspire On-demand Webinar

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The Microsoft Inspire Event 2022 took place from 19 to 20 of July. Valentina Ranghetti from Roche and Pierre Cholet from Decentriq partnered up for an on-demand webinar on data clean rooms and challenges in healthcare with the title "Protect what matters and stay compliant with Confidential Computing".

Microsoft Inspire is Microsoft's largest partner event of the year, focusing on the Microsoft Cloud, partner programs, and opportunities for partners to grow their businesses. Microsoft works with over 400,000 partners who employ more than 22 million people around the world. We from Decentriq were asked to explain together with Valentina Ranghetti from Roche in an on-demand webinar how data clean rooms work for healthcare.

The healthcare industry works with sensitive datasets which makes data collaborations with partners very difficult and requires higher levels of protection. If you want to learn, how data clean rooms can address challenges around patient data sharing in healthcare and how Decentriq's data clean-room platform has allowed customers to easily utilize the power of Azure confidential computing and Intel SGX to offer unprecedented privacy and security guarantees, head over to the Microsoft Inspire website to watch the webinar.


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