Webinar: MIT CDOIQ Symposium - How to get back the $300b worth of data left untapped each year

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We’re proud to have participated at the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ) in late-July, and were glad to have met CVS Health, NY Department of State, Amazon, Hanover Insurance, and many more at our session!

As part of the discussions around data management and leadership during this 3-day symposium, we were able to better understand the current challenges and opportunities facing Chief Data Officers (CDOs) in driving data sharing within their organizations.

The risks of sharing data, such as potential data misuse, is well-known. However, organizations that embrace data collaboration can generate greater value based on pre-agreed upon outcomes.

Current discussions around the risk of data collaboration could be shifted to the potential risks associated with not collaborating on valuable data, such as suffering from a lack of robust data analysis or losing competitive advantage in the market.

Instead of looking at data as a potential liability, data should be viewed as a true asset that allows organizations to monetize or generate actionable intelligence safely, which we believe can be done with confidential computing technology that guarantees privacy and security of all sensitive data.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Maximilian Groth spoke more about this with former National Security Agency (NSA) Senior Executive Richard C. Schaeffer, Jr., which you can watch on-demand here.


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