Decentriq and Utiq announce partnership to deliver end-to-end data privacy and security in digital marketing

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October 9, 2023

The partnership combines Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service with Decentriq’s data clean rooms to maximize privacy, consent, and transparency for end consumers in utilizing first-party data.

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Decentriq – the ‘Switzerland of data’ and leading provider of data clean rooms for secure data collaboration – has today announced its partnership with Utiq, the European AdTech company delivering a Telco-powered Authentic Consent Service to enable responsible digital marketing.  

The partnership integrates Utiq’s Telco-powered Authentic Consent Service into Decentriq’s platform, enabling companies to collaborate on shared datasets without compromising data security. This partnership provides an industry-first capability to enable end-to-end digital marketing on the basis of secure first-party campaign data collaboration, while giving consumers clear controls for the use of their data.

First party data is crucial to the success of marketing campaigns in the post third-party cookie era. However first-party data is often siloed and fragmented, as well as being enshrined in digital sovereignty rights. In the past, consumers’ privacy choices and data usage have been mismanaged and poorly protected, with limited respect for rights, transparency, or ownership. This partnership embodies a consumer-centric approach, empowering consumers to have real control and choice over their privacy, while enabling brands to reach customers in a more effective and compliant way. 

Both Decentriq and Utiq share a vision for a more secure, responsible, and privacy-focussed digital marketing world. Decentriq’s data clean rooms have been at the forefront of enabling companies to collaborate on sensitive datasets without undermining data security. Built on an advanced privacy technology called confidential computing, Decentriq makes data matching and analysis possible without sharing raw data. This unique technology keeps sensitive data verifiably confidential and encrypted at all times, and the data of a clean room participant is inaccessible to all other parties at all times, including Decentriq.

 Decentriq’s secure collaboration technology can now be combined with Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service,  which empowers consumers to have control and choice over their privacy while facilitating more relevant digital marketing experiences. Consumers have the option to manage consent around their data via a single click, with brands and publishers only able to advertise to those who have explicitly granted consent via a Utiq pop–up, or Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service. 

​​The Integration: What It Means for Users

 Giving brands and publishers the ability to access Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service in Decentriq’s platform will provide a seamless experience for brands and publishers, combining the best of both worlds:

  • Secure Collaboration: Using Decentriq’s data clean rooms in combination with Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service provides brands a platform for secure and seamless collaboration for media planning, activation, and measurement, with unlimited stakeholders, at scale.
  • Consumer-Centric Approach: With Utiq’s Consentpass and Decentriq, brands will be able to reach customers today in a more effective, private, and compliant way through first-party data collaborations with media partners.
  • Compliance and Transparency: The integrated solution ensures users’ decisions regarding their data are respected at all times during data collaboration and any resulting campaigns.

 David Sturzenegger, Chief Product Officer from Decentriq comments: “Decentriq’s commitment to data security and privacy aligns perfectly with Utiq’s mission to enable the use of consumer data without compromising privacy. Just like us, Utiq aims to shift the digital marketing ecosystem towards a privacy-conscious, vibrant and competitive future. Utiq’s approach is exemplary in terms of transparency and privacy-by-design, and jointly we’ll be able to build exciting use cases and establish win-wins for both companies and consumers.“

Will Harmer, Chief Product Officer from Utiq says: “This partnership marks a significant step towards creating a trusted and responsible digital ecosystem, with a focus on upholding consumer privacy and data sovereignty.  We’ve been hugely impressed by Decentriq’s commitment to user privacy whilst continuing to enable brands and advertisers to collaborate with their data. We’re excited to be working with Decentriq in embracing the very toughest privacy standards, while delivering a transparent, unambiguous, and seamless digital experience for consumers.” 

Both companies are committed to continuous innovation and are looking forward to expanding their joint offerings in the coming months.


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