Decentriq included in the latest Marketing Technology LUMAscape 2022

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Written by
Stefan Deml
Published on
July 19, 2022

The Marketing Technology LUMAscape 2022 is available online on the LUMA website.

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The Marketing Technology LUMAscape 2022 has been recently published, and we are proud to announce that Decentriq is one of the data clean room vendors mentioned in the online map. LUMAscape categorizes different companies by their functioning in the ad tech ecosystem on basis of their purpose in an online map. With the end to the use of third-party cookies on their respective web browsers and mobile platforms, new technologies are needed to leverage first-party data for future marketing strategies, and here is where Data Clean Rooms come into the game. They play an important role when it comes to first party data collaborations between brands, media owners and other players in the market and are becoming part of the ad tech ecosystem. The Marketing Technology LUMAscape online map included a section with Data Clean Room vendors and this is where Decentriq was mentioned.

While it's convenient to group all Data Clean Rooms together, truth is that not all of them are made equal. At Decentriq we pride ourselves on having a Data Clean Room offering that is really pushing the boundary on what is possible on security, flexibility and privacy. Our unique privacy enhancing technologies combination makes sure that brands and media owners can collaborate on their data without ever actually sharing data. At the same time, this benefit doesn't come at the cost of analytical flexibility since they can utilize their usual analytical workflows. Being pre-made computations provided by us, simple SQL or even advanced Machine Learning using Python and R.

To accomplish that, the Decentriq Data Clean Room is the only Data Clean Room that combines technologies such as Confidential Computing, Synthetic Data, and Differential Privacy. Seamlessly blending them into the background, to make sure that brands and media owners are getting the most out of their combined first-party data without ever sharing it.

The Marketing Technology LUMAscape 2022 is available online on the LUMA website.


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