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IM Associates enhances trust in benchmarking study

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IM Associates, a leading healthcare data insights provider, faced challenges with conducting benchmarking studies due to its reliance on third parties for data anonymization. This traditional approach not only introduced friction and raised concerns about data security and participant turnover but also hindered the benchmarking process. Using Decentriq’s data clean rooms allows IM Associates to conduct benchmarking studies with unprecedented security and efficiency, liberating them from the constraints of traditional anonymization methods. They can seamlessly set up data clean rooms, invite stakeholders, run analyses, and generate results—all while ensuring end-to-end confidentiality.

IM Associates gains increased flexibility and autonomy, reducing turnover through on-demand data clean room launches. Pharmaceutical participants enjoy heightened security and confidentiality, fostering deeper insights and broader participation. And no one has access to the raw data at any point—neither IM Associates nor Decentriq.

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