Connect with your best customers, without sharing their data

Fight signal loss with your own first-party data. Find and activate the right customers for you by joining forces with publishers and partners — while sensitive data stays confidential.

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Effective, targeted reach with AI lookalikes

Extend your reach across publisher audiences and discover your best potential customers with our advanced AI lookalike models — and your first-party data.

Screenshot of a lookalike clean room highlighting the match rate between a brand's and a publisher's  audience, and insights about their shared users.

Invite publishers to join

Invite publishers you work with directly to the clean room, or select from our network of publisher partners.

Screenshot of a lookalike clean room highlighting available roles, including publisher, advertiser, observer, and agency

Connect your first-party data

Import your data using our connectors, or directly from your files. Your data stays encrypted at all times thanks to confidential computing.

Screenshot of a lookalike clean room showing the available data connectors, including amazon S3, Azure blob, google cloud storage, snowflake, salesforce and permutive.

Uncover insights about your customers

Explore customer affinities and demographics from the audience overlap between you and the publisher.

Screenshot of a lookalike clean room showing insights discovered from the overlap between a brand's and a publisher's data. The screenshot highlights the ability to display data based on different demographics and segments.

Generate your tailored AI lookalike

Our AI lookalike model extends your seed audience with similar users. Refine precision and reach based on your campaign goals.

Screenshot of a lookalike clean room showing how a user can further refine a lookalike audience, adjusting between a more precision-focused and a more reach-focused strategy.

Activate lookalikes on premium publishers

Easy activation through deal ID or insertion order, without disrupting your existing media buying process.

Screenshot of a lookalike clean room showing how an advertiser can make their new lookalike audience available to a publisher with one click of a button

Privacy-minded organizations work with Decentriq

High reach, high quality

Find high-value lookalikes in publisher audiences, based on your data and their data.

Easy, intuitive activation

SaaS interface for business users with useful insights and smooth workflows

Data stays confidential

Raw data is inaccessible at all times, enforced by Confidential Computing

How privacy-preserving lookalikes work

The clean room matches brand data against publisher data to create a seed audience. The seed audience is used to train an AI model to find other users with similar traits across all of the publisher’s inventory. Raw data stays encrypted  and completely inaccessible during the entire process.

Extend your first-party strategy with custom analytics

Solve new and unique use cases in clean rooms built for flexibility. Measure and attribute campaigns, enrich customer data, and run even advanced AI and ML models.

Screenshot of an advanced analytics clean room showing flexible querying in SQL, Python and R, plus the option to join datasets and generate synthetic data

Invite partners and control access to results

Add collaborators and control who can see results from the clean room. You can add an agency as an observer without them having access to any raw data.

Screenshot of the advanced analytics clean room showing how admins can manage roles within a collaboration

Link data without revealing it

The clean room encrypts data at the source and keeps data encrypted throughout, even while calculations are running. No one can see the raw datasets — guaranteed.

Screenshot of the advanced analytics clean room showing how data is connected securely to the clean room for collaboration, while it remains inaccessible

Review and run custom code

Your partner or agency can submit computations in Python, R and SQL. You can then review the code and verify that it’s running analyses that you agreed on.

Screenshot of the advanced analytics clean room showing how data owners can approve analyses to be run on their encrypted data.

View the results of your analysis

Once the calculations are run, approved parties can view and export the results of the analysis. Only aggregated insights are revealed — raw data stays completely confidential.

Screenshot of the advanced analytics clean room highlighting how users can run, preview and export results.

Measure performance without cookies

Get 100% accurate performance KPIs and attribute conversions on a first-party basis,  without data transfer

Enrich customer understanding

Train models that enrich audiences, predict lifetime value and recommend products without exposing your data to partners

Your custom application

Work with partner brands, retailers and other data partners to unlock a wealth of new possibilities in your existing data

How advance analytics works without sharing data

Join your data with data from one or more partners in the clean room and run any type of analysis. Confidential computing keeps data encrypted throughout, and provides proof that your data stays under your control, and no one else can access it — not even Decentriq.

A venn diagram graphic showing a collaboration between a brand and a publisher. Decentriq is at the intersection of this collaboration, and the output is custom insights.

The partnership with Decentriq is an important milestone for us and our customers in a future without third-party cookies in digital marketing. Next to classic media use cases like planning, activation and measurement, we can bring different customers together to collaborate on brand new applications of first-party data — while they retain absolute control over their own datasets.

Sven Wegholz
Executive Director Data Strategy, Publicis Media

Decentriq enables a whole new perspective on how we can innovate with data that wasn't possible before.

Alice Dal Fuoco
Head of Innovation, Postfinance

3rd party cookies have underpinned internet advertising for decades. With its deprecation, publishers and brands have to rethink entirely new ways to reach audiences in a privacy-first world. With Decentriq and confidential computing, Goldbach enables a trust layer, allowing brands to onboard their 1st party data without compliance risks.

Jochen Witte
CTO, Goldbach Group AG

We’ve been hugely impressed by Decentriq’s commitment to user privacy whilst continuing to enable brands and advertisers to collaborate with their data. We’re excited to be working with Decentriq in embracing the very toughest privacy standards.

Will Harmer
Chief Product Officer, Utiq

Confidential computing and data clean rooms present us with a great chance to exchange information in a legal, efficient and effective way. This allows us to do better media planning and advertising, targeting more accurately – and in the end driving more revenue whilst complying with all data protection regulations

Zhao Wang
Head of Data Technology, Ringier

Especially in the European Union, data protection laws require a high level of privacy technology, which is the primary use case for data clean rooms,” says Barcinski. “By combining protected data with partner data in Decentriq data clean rooms, we can deliver more effective advertising while helping ensure the safety of the information.

Marcin Barcinski
Head of Data, Goldbach

Easy integration into your data pipelines

Our growing network of data connectors supports more streamlined workflows across leading data platforms.

Make the next conversation with your DPO the easiest one yet

Built on Confidential Computing, an advanced privacy technology, Decentriq is designed to keep your data completely inaccessible — even to us. This “zero-trust” architecture enforces data confidentiality and compliance on the hardware level.

Frequently asked questions

A data clean room (DCR) is a secure environment that offers brands, publishers, and data partners a privacy-compliant way to jointly analyze their first-party data to uncover new audience insights, making richer targeting and measurement possible without third-party cookies — all while exerting strict controls over what happens on their data.

For more information, check out our article What is a data clean room?

The media landscape is rapidly changing. From the phasing out of third-party cookies to increasing consumer privacy regulation, it’s becoming increasingly difficult with traditional display advertising to reach the right audience with the right message. This leads to significant ad budget waste, where an estimated 50% is spent on the wrong audiences.

Brands now have the opportunity to recognize the high value of their most valuable asset – their first-party data – and embrace a data-driven strategy for better accuracy and reach, driven by a privacy-first mindset.

Decentriq enables organizations to take their valuable first-party data to the next level for high-impact advertising initiatives to improve their media efficiency and increase sales. Our solution offers a wide variety of use cases across audience overlap, lookalike audience activation, measurement and attribution, audience profile enrichment, and more.

Additionally, our platform supports advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, allowing you to build custom models and segments based on your specific needs. We support analytics in SQL, Python, and R, allowing maximum flexibility to design and implement various types of analyses and models.

There are various categorizations in the data clean room space.

There are walled gardens provided by big-tech players such as Google’s Ads Data Hub and Amazon’s Marketing Cloud that provide brands with the ability to combine their first-party data with consumer data that lives within the walls of the partner’s environment. Then there are platform DCRs, provided by the likes of Snowflake, and ID Graph DCRs, primarily concentrated on identity resolution, who have extended towards offering clean room capabilities. However, with all these categories, users lack security and control over their data — meaning you as a brand must trust the vendor’s platform and what they do with your and your collaboration partner’s data.

This is where zero-trust DCRs enter the game. These leverage underlying privacy technology to enforce data privacy and security. Zero-trust DCRs like Decentriq ensure data remains fully protected and confidential, allowing secure multi-party analysis without data exposure — ideal for brands seeking to collaborate on sensitive data with external partners while maintaining strict privacy and compliance standards.

Decentriq leverages a privacy-enhancing technology called confidential computing, which ensures that data remains encrypted even when in use and only permits pre-approved analytics to run. Neither Decentriq nor the cloud provider can access the customer's data, providing a zero-trust framework where brands, publishers, and data partners don't even need to trust Decentriq.

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