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Unlock the potential of your first party data with data clean rooms by Decentriq. Easy-to-use, compliant and scalable.

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Face the cookieless world head-on by putting your first-party data front and center in a privacy-first manner.

Collaborate across media owners and brands to unlock valuable new insights from shared data assets, without being able to see each other’s data.

GDPR-compliant, easy-to-use, and scalable - thanks to confidential computing, our underlying encryption in-use technology.

Our most requested use cases

customer reach

Set the stage for effective campaigns by assessing customer overlap and guarantee precise audience reach to brands.

precise audiences

Combine data with brands to build privacy-compliant lookalike target audiences for activation.

Perform closed-loop attribution

Enable brands to understand the impact of ad campaigns on purchases by matching impressions with brand transactions data.

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How Decentriq makes you future-proof. Today.

To understand how Decentriq's data clean rooms simplify data protection compliance for enterprises (GDPR), click here.

Frictionless & scalable workflow
Our easy-to-use and scalable platform enables you to collaborate with unlimited partners on first-party data within minutes.
Easily create your Data Clean Rooms via UI or API and invite external users with or without a license​. ​

Privacy & security guarantees​
We leverage the latest encryption in-use technology, called confidential computing.​​
This removes the need for trust as no one can see your data, not the other participants, Decentriq nor the cloud provider.​

Transparency & trust​
We successfully passed multiple security and compliance audits.​
Approved for use on customer banking data by financial services institutions, and for use on patient data by the Belgian Data Protection Agency and healthcare institutions.​

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We've helped enterprises of all industries to unlock their valuable data. They loved how it saved them time, money and unlocked new revenue streams. Start with one case and then scale up your data ecosystem.

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"Decentriq enables a whole new perspective on how we can innovate with data that wasn't possible before."


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