Roche-Decentriq pilot project in Startup Creasphere program

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See a 3-minute summary of our 5-month pilot project in collaboration with Roche – a case study demonstrating how data clean room optimizes advanced data analytics processes and costs in early biomarker discovery.

Presented at the Startup Creasphere program in Munich, our solution showcases the use of confidential computing on extremely sensitive healthcare data. The Decentriq Data Clean Room platform makes the dataset actionable while keeping it encrypted at rest and in use.

In layman’s terms, Data Clean Rooms allow multiple parties to collaborate on their first-party data without ever sharing it with anyone, including platform developers.

For healthcare companies like Roche that means faster research on drug development and guaranteed confidentiality of records, including patient privacy.

In the coming years, data partnerships will have a tremendous impact on business analytics, and with our pilot projects, we show how we solve data collaboration challenges by combining the latest advancements in privacy-enhancing technologies.


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