Data Clean Rooms Q&A with Clearcode and Decentriq

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As the adtech world shifts away from third-party cookies, interest in data clean rooms (DCRs) for first-party data collaboration is increasing. But not all clean rooms are created equal. Even among independent data clean room vendors, flexibility, security and privacy, and scalability are all impacted by how the clean room is designed.

The devil is truly in the details for DCRs. ID matching methods can limit scaling across multiple data partners — or enable it. The exact kinds of privacy technology the clean room employs can even affect the level of user consent an organization needs to collect.

In this Q&A style interview, Decentriq’s Juan Baron joins Michael Sweeney to talk about the nuances that make or break the usability of Data Clean Room solutions.

What’s inside:

  • How encryption-in-use tech changes consent requirements
  • Data Clean Rooms and the “walled gardens” – similarities, differences, and accessibility for businesses
  • Will Google make its Data Clean Room tech open to other parties?
  • How to collaborate on data with an organization that’s using a different Data Clean Room vendor?

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